Comfortable Digital Impressions Using iTero

YOU’RE PROBABLY THINKING, “Ummm… Earth to Drs. Theurer… Dental equipment really isn’t that exciting to me.” Yes, we understand. Normally, we’d say you’re right—but in this case we’re guessing you may be a little excited.

That’s because iTero ends the discomfort that comes with getting dental impressions of your teeth. No one likes having those impressions made—not even Drs. Jared and Daniel, or their team. So when technologists developed a way to obtain dental impressions digitally, we jumped at the option.

No more trays and putty—and no more gagging, or the discomfort trays and putty cause.

Our iTero machine does everything trays do, digitally. It’s faster, easier and much more comfortable.

OK… Maybe you still aren’t as excited as Drs. Jared and Daniel get about this cool, big gray machine in our office—but hopefully we’re making the words, “We need to get an impression,” a little more pleasant to hear for you, our valued patients!