Our Office Musts: Great Dentists, Advanced Tools, and Nemo

YES, THAT’S RIGHT… NEMO! THE MOST POPULAR LITTLE FISH IN OUR OFFICE AQUARIUM. This cute little orange-striped fish, known as a Clown Fish, has become a necessity for most fish tanks thanks to the popularity of Disney’s Finding Nemo.  That’s why, here at The Sugar House Dentist, we keep at least one clown fish in our tank—along with a few of his friends, of course.

So what’s the connection between our dental practice and our salt water fish tank? Well, here’s what we think…

We have a waiting room (actually, people rarely have to do much “waiting” but traditionally, that’s what it’s called). On rare occasions, something unexpected may come up and one of our valued patients may have to wait for a minute or two. There are also some people who feel just a little bit nervous when they come to the dentist.

Dr. Jared and Dr. Dan want every patient to feel as comfortable as possible. So one of our ideas was to install a beautiful fish tank full of tropical fish so you can pretend you’re on a beach in Hawaii instead of a dental office in Salt Lake City.

Great idea, huh? Now, let us know what YOU like about our fish tank. Write a comment here, or on our Facebook wall, and tell us which fish is your favorite—or where you imagine YOURSELF when you look at our tank and see the coral and sand!